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EAG Officialy Re-Opened!!!

Well, It says it all in the title. EAG is officialy Re-Opened. We are now accepting Orders, and I am trying to run the EAG twitter account also. So Spread The word!!!

Just to let you know as well..we will not have Premium for now…!

P.S: We are still constructing the site with the new theme and header and banner’s and stuff!We will try to make orders on weekdays,but we can’t guarantee you,we will probably make the gfx on weekends.


19 Responses

  1. Awesome 🙂
    You Guys Were Closed For Like 3 Months I Think 😉

  2. yay

  3. gonna send this to my mom

  4. I know
    Im so glad you guys are back

  5. AWESOME :D!!!!!!!!!!
    Jk, jk.

  6. even i dont even order on here anymore glad to have eag back xD

  7. yeah my dad will like this

  8. awesome! reopening, new me! 🙂 sweet!

  9. Hey guys, how would you guys like to join kgrpahics.wordpress.com? OMG thats would b so kewl! email me at kiarafivestartaco@yahoo.com your answer or on my gfx website! pce!

  10. welcomes hey wasnt there 5 of u guys? who left? and i need emails because i have some great ideas that will make eag more popular! my email is kiarafivestartaco@yahoo.com if u cod just email me u guy’s emails that would b great! 🙂 :p

  11. p.s. can u try to teach me how to use gimp? i downloaded it and idk how 2 use it

  12. i’ve been brushing up on my gfx for when you have a compettion 😉

  13. can i have ur email?

  14. that was me kiara00 srry the gavent thing

  15. i see what you did there

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