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About The Graphic Team

Feel like you wanna know stuff about the EAG Team?Well this is the right place!

Short Profiles:

Twinkle151 Hey, I’m Twinkle but you can call me twink. Well, what can I tell you about myself I’m a fan of clubpenguin and love making graphics. Untill Later Waddle On! Keep Ordering Graphics. 😉

Ellen90999: I’m Ellen! I like making graphics, I usually make chat bgs and other stuff… well cya laterz peeps!

Agent15462- Hey Peeps!My name is Agent15642!People call me Agent!I make gfx and I am addicted to ’em!I only make gfx on the weekends cuz of school!I do play Club Penguin!I am 12!LOLThat’s all I don’t feel like typing that’s why!xDD Peace out dogs!

Yabjees/Kanye West-Well I make my own graphics and go on cp slot and I’m in 1 cp army called the golden troopers. Anyway peace homie’s

We’ll add more stuff about us from time to time!Keep a lookout!

~EAG Team


2 Responses

  1. Hi Im from Chrisdog’s Chat! I am interested in writing for your blog! If I can leave a message in my email or my blog! Thank you!

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